D.R.A.W Recruitment launches Temporary/Freelancer Staff Division

Posted by Nina Langford in Blog

March 9th 2018

We are pleased to announce, in response to client demand, that we have expanded our Temporary Staff/Freelance Division and we have a new Recruitment Consultant, Anja David, who will be dedicated to this side of the business.

When you hire a Temp/Freelancer, there are many advantages and benefits that temporary cover can provide. Here are some of the key ones:

Fast hires make an immediate difference
Hiring a temp is a great option for many arts organisations. If a member of staff has departed suddenly, or you find you are overstretched in the lead up to an art fair or a sale, maybe you require some specialist expertise or need a few more hands during an install/de-install, then hiring a freelancer can help to fill the gap quickly. Recruiting them is straightforward and cost-effective.

Project Specialists
Many interims, temps, and contractors, have special skill-sets and are perfect for short-term assignments. For example, interim managers are often sought after to fill the gap within critical management situations, a temp may be brought in to cover maternity leave or an administrative assignment, or at peak periods. Contractors bring a level of expertise to a defined project for a designated period of time, as set in their contract. Freelance staff can offer a great deal of flexibility, we can find General and Specialist Valuers, Cataloguers and Auctioneers who are available for assignments as little as day for a one-off project, or as part of a regular arrangement around your sale calendar.

A Chance of hiring permanently
After a contract has ended you might decide that the person you’ve hired on a temporary basis has added a huge amount of value to your organisation. So why not hire them permanently? You’ll already have seen how well they work within your team structure, if they’re a good fit and if they have the critical skills needed for the role, so you should be in a good place to make an offer.

Compliance and Legislation
Back in October 2011, we saw the introduction of Agency Workers Regulations 2010, which gave temporary workers the same employment terms and conditions as a permanent employee after 12 weeks of continuous employment in the same role. At D.R.A.W we make sure that our contracts are up to date covering all current legislation, we payroll temporary staff and take care of statutory deductions. As well as making all the standard compliance checks such as Right to Work and ID checks, we can take care of any other compliance checks that are particular to your business such as referencing.

If you think you might need some temporary help, or would like further advice please get in touch.

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