D.R.A.W. Recruitment

Assistant to Director, Contemporary Gallery


Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Dependent on experience
Location: London, UK
Job description:

An international contemporary gallery seeks a full-time Assistant to Director for immediate hire at its London gallery.

The position reports into sales and artist liaison duties for one of the Directors in London, while working closely with the another Assistant to the Director. The team manage a number of artists and a significant client base. The ideal candidate has at least three years related experience. Superior communication skills, the ability to time manage and meet deadlines, and the ability to work with multiple teams is required. This position will involve contact with curators, artists, and clients, therefore discretion and poise are essential.


  • Track client interest, assess for targeted offers and requests. Assist in helping cultivate/maintain successful client relationships;
  • Support with all sales-related matters:
    • Manage client correspondence regarding all sales-related matters, assist with any client requests and needs;
    • Prepare and send offers for all gallery exhibitions and art fairs;
    • Prepare and send targeted offers based on requests and client interest;
    • Assist on all phases of the sale process: communicate with clients regarding purchases and delivery instructions, prepare sale order, send invoice, provide client with images/catalogues/press relating to sale, as needed.
    • Monitor incoming payments;
    • Ensure all client requests are addressed and met in a timely manner
    • Maintain and update database with sales, reserves, offers, outgoing and incoming consignments, and loans. Send out corresponding emails to notify Sales staff, Registrars and Accounting;
  • Manage Secondary Inventory:
    • Confirm work details with consignor and oversee in-booking of work with inventory team;
    • Liaise with registrars to generate consignment paperwork, edit as needed, send agreement to consignor and ensure paperwork is countersigned;
    • Coordinate collection/transport of work to gallery with registrars;
    • Schedule photography, relay provenance and exhibition history to research, co-ordinate with production department for re-framing when necessary;
    • Update price and activate (and share with sales team), ensure Artbinder is up-to-date at all times;
    • Follow up with consignor for invoice upon sale, keep track of when payment is received and ensure payment goes out to consignor;
    • Manage any requests for secondary works to be included in fairs; ensure consignor approves and is kept up-to-date on consigned work in general;

Artist Management:

  • Speak to artists and/or studio managers on a regular basis regarding all aspects to do with artists’ works and Ensure relationship between gallery and artist is always maintained to highest standard – meet requests in a timely manner, oversee communication and requests between artist/artist studio and other gallery departments;
  • Point of contact with Marketing, Production, Registration and Research and Artist;
  • Manage incoming Primary Inventory for designated artists. Ensure gallery has all relevant info, works are in-booked accordingly, activated and priced, deadlines are met (as needed, for fairs/exhibitions/viewings etc), works are photographed/framed, research has relevant information to complete fact sheet, marketing has relevant information to advertise as needed;
  • Ensure all works are uploaded to ArtBinder and artist pages are kept up-to-date;
  • Review Auction Monitors;
  • Main contact for all Artist-related in house gallery exhibitions
    • Coordinate in-booking of new inventory;
    • Keep sales team updated of work status and manage interest spreadsheet when necessary;
    • Point of contact with Marketing, Production, Registration and Research and Artist;
    • Assist in planning of opening dinner
  • Monitor and oversee upcoming external exhibitions (group and solo):
    • Inform sales team where relevant; inform marketing of all shows for press and CV purposes; ensure gallery receives all materials relating to exhibition (i.e. photography, other exhibition related material, press);
    • Liaise with registrars to organise loan forms and transport of works to/from exhibition;
  • Assist with all special projects that involve designated artists


  • Assist with the management of selected art fairs:
  • Daily management of to-do list and schedule with Second Assistant and Director;
  • Monitor incoming/outgoing emails and calls, assist in ensuring these are followed-up appropriately;
  • Print and prepare materials for gallery viewings, offers, meetings, and other occasions as needed