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Bookkeeper, International Gallery

Posted: 03.08.2022
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Dependent on experience
Location: London, UK
Job description:

Seeking a bookkeeper for an international gallery in London. The bookkeeper will ensure ongoing administrative and financial control of the London gallery, through the use of all necessary processes, monitoring business performance. Ensure that the control system is effective and functional, proposing corrective actions to the same where necessary.

Principal duties and responsibilities:

  • Manage the set of administrative and financial activities of the London gallery, (billing, audit payments, cash flow, financial statements…) by setting up the necessary procedures to ensure the timely implementation of all requirements under current regulations.
  • Oversees all activities related to taxation. Oversees contracting and manages relationships with local banks. Uploads data to current corporate platforms.
  • Manages relationships with government agencies and oversight bodies to directly assist with audits and access for both specific (e.g., import controls, anti-money laundering) and general controls. Handles the proper recording of personnel costs (e.g., salaries, expense reports), and all other business costs.
  • Planning and monitoring Budget of the London gallery. Responsible for developing and coordinating budgeting and forecasting processes. Monitors RDAs and deviations with the defined BDG.
  • Provides technical advice and information flows for colleagues regarding UK regulations, dealing with attendance and workflow management. Manages relationships with external professionals (lawyer, consultant, accountants) to prepare required documentation for tax returns, periodic and annual audits.


  • Overall experience of 5 to 10 years with specific experience in similar role
  • Previous experience in professional firms welcome.
  • Thorough knowledge related to business economics, business administration, and a good understanding of accounting, tax and bookkeeping regulations.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of English, both written and spoken, is essential.
  • Knowledge of Office package and habit of using business management.
  • Dynamic, proactive person with excellent organizational skills. Analytical, computational, and synthesis skills.
  • Possessing good communication skills and active listening skills.
  • Authoritative leadership, strong motivation for the role and determination.
  • Knowledge of File Maker and Xero is appreciated.