The art of the perfect fit

CFO/COO, International Contemporary Gallery

Posted: 06.02.2024
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Dependent on experience
Location: Berlin, Germany
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

The CFO / COO is responsible for the areas of finance and controlling and the ‘operations’ area, which includes ensuring smooth business processes, resource planning and human resources across all locations. The overall supervision and monitoring of facility management at the Berlin location and IT are also the responsibility of the commercial management.

As a leader, the ideal candidate is involved in day-to-day operations and ensures profitability, efficiency and transparency

Your tasks:

  • Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
    • Responsibility for annual budgets as part of a long-term corporate strategy
    • Responsibility of the operational areas of the company
    • Ensuring efficient and optimised processes
    • Control and quality assurance of various business processes, across departments
  • Financial statements, accounting, taxes
    • Support and control of the annual financial statements for all companies
    • Supervision of the accounting teams in all companies/locations
    • Knowledge, updating and communication of all common tax types
    • Control of incoming and outgoing invoices of all companies
  • Sales and profit reporting / profitability analysis
    • Creating monthly sales reports, quarterly overviews, as well as analyses of exhibitions, art fairs and external projects
  • Controlling / risk management
    • Monitoring of fixed and variable company costs, cost optimisation
    • Supervision of monthly business evaluations and preparation of quarterly and annual overviews of all companies
    • Reporting and documentation
    • Supervision of accounts payable invoices in coordination with the local accounting teams
    • Assessment of economic risks, transfer risks and avoidance of money laundering risks
  • Organizational development / human resources / resource planning
    • Implementation of strategies to develop or improve processes
    • Creation of organizational charts and overviews in coordination with personnel accounting
    • Supporting new hires, contract and salary negotiations in coordination with the HR department
  • Marketing / Communication, Digital Development & IT, Design & Images / Visual Output, Installations & Facility, Logistics & Registrar / Conservator
    • Responsibility and control of the operational areas, in close coordination with those responsible
    • Ensuring the operational implementation of company goals in the specialist departments

Your profile:

Ideally, you have several years professional experience in the arts and culture sector and have sound business knowledge and leadership skills, in particular the ability to think analytically and in a networked manner and to communicate effectively. Negotiation skills and a structured way of working are also an advantage.

Formal requirements:

  • A completed university degree (in the field of business administration)
  • Senior professional experience in the areas of finance, controlling and operations, ideally with an affinity for the arts and culture sector
  • Very good knowledge of German and English, both spoken and written

Technical requirements:

  • Knowledge of relevant company processes including finance, accounting and human resources with additional responsibility for IT and facility management
  • Experience in business management with a proven track record
  • Proven knowledge of risk management, regulatory requirements and compliance
  • Ability to quickly familiarise yourself with legal regulations and tax framework conditions

Social and personal skills:

  • Very good social skills, empathy and team leadership qualities with a high level of soft skills for employees across all locations
  • Moral and professional integrity
  • Structured and pragmatic way of working, management skills, commitment and reliability
  • High level of business management skills, independence and organisational talent
  • Enjoying taking responsibility and implementing company goals
  • Problem solver