D.R.A.W. Recruitment

Client Manager, Contemporary Gallery


Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Location: London, UK
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

Our client, an established contemporary gallery in London, is looking for a Client Manager to join their team.

The gallery are looking for the following:

  • Must have proven experience in supporting at Partner level with selling activity upwards of £15m per annum
  • Must have strong initiative to help strategise and target clients throughout the year to maximise selling opportunities
  • Must have a sound knowledge of both buying and selling psychologies
  • Must have experience in managing a large client database and be methodical in recording data and pulling reports
  • Must be able to manage the Partners time effectively to allow focused time dedicated to selling and clients each day

Client and Museum Strategy

  • Gain expert knowledge of Partner’s 500+ private client and museum base, working towards a high yearly sales target
  • Have awareness and oversight of the client and museum related activities of the Partner’s office
  • Assist with Partner’s sales strategy and proactively offer strategic ideas for the placement of high value artworks
  • Gain full understanding of Partner’s clients’ collection context and focus and proactively offer strategic ideas for the placement of suitable artworks
  • Undertake detailed client research, investigating collections and collecting activities, and update Partner regularly with all press/ articles/ news relating to existing or potential clients to enable effective targeting; document researched information into the sales database
  • Working with Client Development, assist in developing new strategies, take initiative in researching and providing Partner with new client targets with suggestions for how best to approach them
  • Plan all travel strategically ensuring that Partner’s time is maximised with appointments meeting clients, museums, artists plus attendance at key events
  • Manage day to day client related appointments on behalf of the Partner, setting up meetings and viewings for Partner’s clients
  • Ensure Partner’s clients receive invitations to key gallery and wider social events
  • Collate and relay client lists for invites to forthcoming events

Primary and Secondary sales support

  • Responsible for completion all Partner’s pre and post-sale administration
  • Draft well informed written offers (100+ per week) for Partner’s clients and museums
  • Offer bespoke service to important high net worth clients and museums
  • Responsible for managing and maintaining Partner’s inventory ensuring the data is updated and accurate at all times
  • Assist in developing and maintaining good-working relationships with new and existing clients
  • Provide and implement weekly client call list in to Partner’s schedule for updates on pending offers, transactions and general outreach
  • Ensure all client and museum records are updated with known requests, collection focus and personal information
  • Arrange client appointments and proactively prepare supporting documents, articles, images, relevant information
  • Prepare the sending out of all written communication with clients, including artwork information packs, invoice packs and catalogue mail outs
  • Provide preparation for upcoming art fairs in managing pre-offers, setting up of iPad images, arrange client meetings and dinners
  • Inform all relevant departments of sales made and provide them with invoicing instructions, credit notes, amendments to invoices, and any changes or special terms related to the sale
  • Ensure good communication is maintained with all departments, particularly the Sales Team including sales support, in terms of keeping up to date with reserves, sales and cancelled sales
  • Organise hangs for client viewings in the galleries
  • Inform Partner of current debtors and liaise with the Finance department to relay action plans
  • Liaise regularly with Registrars Department to ensure smooth delivery of works to clients
  • Keep updated with fabrication, condition issues and framing of relevant artworks
  • Work with Partner on securing new secondary market consignments
  • Provide Partner with accurate market research for new or potential consignments
  • Think strategically with Partner on offering and managing potential and existing consignment
  • Work with other departments (Legal and Finance) to complete consignment documentation
  • Ensure that system is updated with new secondary market works
  • Provide accurate provenance sheets
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of secondary market for the artists in question


  • Act as the point of contact to Partner’s clients by phone, email and in person
  • Accompany Partner to relevant meetings with clients and museums where required
  • Meet with clients and museums as required in Partner’s absence
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of primary artists
  • Work at openings and events as required
  • Travel to art fairs as required
  • Attend internal meetings as required