The art of the perfect fit

Associate Director, International Gallery

Posted: 13.01.2023
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: $80,000-100,000
Location: New York, NY, USA
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

Our client, an international gallery, is seeking an Associate Director. Reporting to the Co-founder and Partner, this person is responsible for arranging Partner’s schedule, supporting client relationships and managing client correspondence, as well as managing Partner’s personal affairs. The candidate must have a clear understanding of the intricacies around the confidentiality and level of client service required for the position.

Job duties and responsibilities:


  • Maintaining Partner’s schedule, including organizing meetings, phone calls, and video conference calls, including follow-up and (when necessary) rescheduling
  • Organizing travel with Partner’s driver or hired cars, as well as domestic and international trips
  • Managing Partner’s inbox (drafting and sending emails) including making sure appropriate follow-up occurs in a timely manner
  • Sending client offers for every exhibition and art fair
  • Opening and organizing mail received at both locations in NY
  • Answering the telephone and receiving guests and clients
  • Organizing necessary materials and printing sales PDF’s for viewings
  • Serving as a conduit and delegating tasks to the appropriate staff member on behalf of Partner
  • Getting invoices approved for advisory sales and other purchases
  • Creating directors meetings agendas, agendas for other miscellaneous meetings
  • Responding to all requests from Partner

Project Management Assistance

  • The range of projects include photoshoots, client installs, birthday presents for clients or artists, holiday presents for clients or artists, events, and dinners

Art Advisory

Much of the art advisory is managed by other colleagues, but you may be asked to assist with:

  • Vendor reimbursement invoices from installs, on approvals
  • Coordinating with Operations to make sure projects and installs happen efficiently
  • Creating spreadsheets for invoices with payment plans & monitoring payments
  • Coordinating invoicing logistics with Financial team for advisory works
  • Coordinating shipment/install logistics with Operations
  • Liaising with dealers and gallerists – requesting new work by artists, etc


  • Developing sales PDFs for communicating information about works and exhibitions to clients and curators. Some projects require additional research drawing from the internet, exhibition catalogues, conversations, etc.
  • Managing mood boards & Photoshop renderings for VIP clients and for exhibition
  • Art fairs/auctions require attention to ensure that changes in the market (prices, availability, contextualization, etc.) are appropriately noted


  • Adding select works to Platform and the drive
  • Adding select works for VIP clients to the Platform and drive
  • Updating advisory records with exhibitions, literature, etc.
  • Adding new clients and contacts to Platform
  • Record keeping
  • Keeping install photos and renderings organized on server for each client


In the most professional, helpful, and polite manner:

  • Provide general staff support
  • Interface with artists, clients, vendors, and gallery visitors
  • Interface with media representatives
  • Develop technological skills
  • Maintain excellent knowledge for all gallery artists


  • Prior experience working as an Executive Assistant for a high-level art gallery CEO or other senior level Director
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; requires the ability to interact comfortably and professionally with clients (whether by phone, in person, or writing)
  • Be organized and detailed oriented, able to execute multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment, with an aesthetic eye
  • Strong knowledge of nineteenth century through Contemporary art and artists
  • Work with constant diligence and quick turnaround time