The art of the perfect fit

Editions Manager, Artist Studio

Posted: 08.12.2022
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Dependent on experience
Location: London, UK
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

An internationally renowned artist is looking for an Editions Manager to join their team.



  • Manage all sales of prints, editions and unique works on paper
  • Fulfil trade orders, maintaining existing relationships and working on building new trade outlets
  • Manage all sales through email correspondence, over the phone and in person at art fairs or special events
  • Ensure production invoices are raised updated on the database so an accurate financial breakdown is accessible
  • Submit change of ownership information and overseeing authentication measures
  • Oversee packing and dispatch of sold works.

Production Management / Creative Assistant:

  • Oversee and assist the artist in the whole creative process of fabricating artwork
  • Manage marketing of editions to maximise sales
  • Soundboard ideas with the artist and suggest production methods
  • Brief fabricators and printmakers, liaise with them and the artist during the production process
  • Quality and condition checking of all artworks
  • Manage project budgets
  • Oversee the signing, editioning and authentication tagging artwork by the artist
  • Keep accurate records of all artwork information, client and sales on the database
  • Ensure stock on the database is accurate in terms of sales status, condition, stock numbers and location
  • Manage project budgets.

Website and Mailing List:

  • Responsible for updating the editions website; adding new items and writing product descriptions
  • Online stock management
  • Manage all orders placed online
  • Manage MailChimp including lists, design and sending out shop mailer.

Packing and Logistics:

  • Specialist handling and packing of fine art prints and 3D works
  • Liaise with logistics and courier companies on shipping quotes, following through to overseeing process until delivery
  • Book courier services including filling in appropriate shipping paperwork and customs declaration forms.


  • Responsible for suitable, archival storage of prints, editions and works on paper
  • Maintain a balanced stock levels to efficiently run retail business
  • Ensure suitable packing materials are available
  • Answer the studio phone and deal with demands in the most appropriate manner
  • Delegate work to studio assistants
  • Ad-hoc requests from the artist and/or director as required
  • Assist with charity donations
  • Report on works coming up in auction and on auction results.

Art Fair Responsibilities:

  • Draft proposals for art fairs and submitting applications on time
  • Artwork selection; liaising with other artists (if applicable)
  • Booth layout and design
  • Oversee logistics to and from the fair (for all artists)
  • Manage budget for art fairs
  • Installation and curation of the booth
  • Oversee sales at the fair including processing of invoices
  • Update CRM database accordingly.