D.R.A.W. Recruitment

Fair Director, Hong Kong


Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Hong Kong
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

The Fair Director will be supported by a selection committee of gallerists and a curatorial advisory team that he or she assemble. We are looking for a Fair Director who shares our commitment to curatorial excellence and our aspiration to look for, present and unpackage talent that will be interesting not just in 5 years but in 50 years from now.

The Managing Director is responsible for overseeing the marketing, sponsorship and smooth operational delivery of the Fair. This will involve overall responsibility for recruiting the agreed level and extent of participating galleries, and defining and delivering a strong and meaningful associated program of talks and collateral events that will enrich the experience of exhibitors and visitors. The Fair Director will also be the key ambassador for the Fair through being the Fair’s spokesperson to the international arts media, and will be responsible for networking and developing key VIPs, and ensuring that they attend the event.

The Fair Director will need to be both a strategist and commercially minded and will be able to quickly develop significant support and confidence for the new project.

The role of Fair Director is an exceptional opportunity for someone who truly has the vision and belief to build on the solid foundations that have already been laid.

Mandarin is preferred.

For more information email lisa@drawrecruitment.com