The art of the perfect fit

Managing Director, Arts Charity

Posted: 15.11.2022
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Negotiable
Location: London, UK
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

We are looking for a Managing Director to join an arts organisation focused on building bridges between expert land workers and scientists who are developing regenerative farming practices, and creatives who are passionate about exploring and transforming our civilizations relationship to the natural world to empower grassroots artists so that they can be financially self-sufficient and enabled to make work in a challenging economic environment.

This is a full time and permanent role that would suit someone who has solid experience managing an artist’s studio complex. There are a number of projects to deliver including launching new studio space and building up the team to deliver the organisations vision. Communications / Marketing experience and an ability to manage and direct a team are essential.

The successful candidate will be a natural people person and will have strong values that align to the organisation’s values around ecological issues and bio-diversity.


  • Take leadership in the management of the Company’s resources with the aim of achieving the vision, mission and charitable objectives as set by the Chairman and board of trustees
  • Grow the public profile of the Company and increase exposure and public debate around the message of the charity
  • Development of organisational identity and image
  • Co-curating the organisational strategy with the Chairman
  • Developing annual and five-year business plans for the Company, to be signed off by the Chairman and board of trustees
  • Direct the day-to-day running of the Company at large to ensure success at achieving the vision, mission and charitable objects
  • Develop and execute strategies to grow the profitability and impact of the Company
  • Oversee expenditure in detail so as to maximise impact within financial constraints and contribute to growing profitability
  • Direct staff and their departments to ensure they are performing well, that they are meeting their obligations and achieving the impact intended for their role and that we are doing our best to make employees happy, fulfilled and growing during their employment
  • Play a lead role in hiring staff – the requirement to hire new staff must be agreed with the Chairman
  • Coordinating the team to achieve Company focus from week to week and the overall charitable vision, mission and objectives
  • Financial Planning and oversight – monthly review of cash-flow, oversight of: revenues, debtors and creditors, management accounting, invoicing and arrears
  • Reporting to the Chairman on a monthly basis to give an overview of the activities of the Company and its performance
  • Directing and participating in the development of partnerships and client relationships
  • Ensuring that the Company under your direction is compliant with every relevant law and statute
  • Resolving legal issues raised in the call of duties with the assistance of the Chairman and the advice of lawyers
  • Responding to and resolving escalated complaints
  • Overseeing the service provided to studio artists, landlords, partners and the general public to ensure that it is of a high standard and is contributing to achieving the Companies’ vision, mission and charitable objects