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Mandarin-Speaking EA & Collection Coordinator, Arts Organisation

Posted: 01.07.2024
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Dependent on experience
Location: London, UK
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

An Arts Organisation is seeking a pragmatic and organised Mandarin-speaking EA & Collection Coordinator to support the Director with scheduling and streamlining workflows, whilst providing efficient, collaborative, and detail-focused administrative support for the organisation. The core of the role is centred around the Principal’s professional activities, namely the collection and associated philanthropic ventures.

Main responsibilities | Private Office – Management, scheduling and travel

  • Organise and coordinate meetings across time zones, including the arrangement of personal and digital appointments.
  • Providing resourceful time management – alerting of any potential conflicts in a timely manner and flexible solution-based alternatives as required.
  • Support and liaise with other members of Family Office and household staff, as well as wider team.
  • Create travel itineraries for Principal’s professional trips, to accommodate both business and personal activities, including booking hotels, flights, cars and transfers etc for Principal and accompanying staff.
  • Establish exacting systems for management of personal documents, financial documents, letters and ID documents.
  • Manage personal contact database through ArtLogic.
  • Support the Family Office with provision and organisation of travel visas according to the needs of Principals, family, and staff with a specific focus on HK and China.

Main responsibilities: 

  • Alongside the Director ensure prompt, prudent and effective communication with all associated parties.
  • Update collection ArtLogic database to keep precise records including but not limited to:
    • Invoices and payment slips
    • Insurance records
    • Alternative currency information for tax planning
    • Import documentation and customs paperwork
    • Artwork locations and shipping proformas
    • HR images and photo copyright,
    • Condition reports & packing information
    • Authentication documentation / certificates
  • Maintaining updated loan and consignment.
  • Coordinate all collection movements globally, including preparing of pro-formas, liaising with borrowers/consignors.
  • Manage and record movements and location of artworks, with regular internal audit to ensure consistency and effectiveness of storage requirements.
  • Annual external inventory of collection with storage.
  • Assisting with recording and upkeep of installation.
  • In dialogue with Director oversee all UK and international artwork shipping and logistics for collection acquisitions, retrieving competitive estimates.
  • Support post-acquisitions process, including filing artist research, obtaining artwork documentation, logging offers and market.
  • Support filing of relevant information relating to up-to-date artwork valuations.
  • Oversee storage warehouse for the care and maintenance of the collection including coordinate conditioning checking and preparing condition reports.
  • Facilitate restoration, framing and conservation of artworks as necessary and in consultation with Collection Director.
  • Initiate ideas on the development of robust Collection Management policies and procedures in consultation with Collection Director.
  • Conduct review of any missing data and implement strategy to compile and update this across all records in liaison with Collection Director.
  • Facilitate quarterly internal artwork audits with Collection Director and Finance Director.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Several years in a comparable role; for example in a Family Office with a collection-management component or in a client- facing role in a commercial art gallery or auction house.
  • Professional fluency in both English and Chinese (Mandarin) is essential; proficiency in Chinese (Cantonese) is highly advantageous.
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft (Outlook, Word, Excel) essential; former experience of ArtLogic and Adobe Creative Suite would be very beneficial in this role.
  • Proven fiduciary skills and ability to manage schedules are essential.
  • Discretion, diplomacy and attention to detail are fundamental to the role.