D.R.A.W. Recruitment

Part-Time Administrator, Books and Manuscripts


Contract Type: Part-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Negotiable
Location: Edinburgh Scotland, UK
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

This is an interesting, part-time (20 hours per week) position that will require the successful candidate to be a highly organised team player.  The role will incorporate a varied working environment with a rolling programme of specialist auctions including consignments enquiries, catalogue production, physical set up and take down of the auction. Simultaneously there will be daily client communication, stock control and administrative tasks to be handled for the department.


Sale related duties
• Assisting with the catalogue and online photography (producing lists which include all items in small store to be shot, and how they should be shot; taking items out to  the Photographer and bringing them back into store; checking images are named correctly; providing the Photographer with a list of reoffer images)
• Lotting up sales (lotting up sales on database and renumbering, when required; physically lotting the small items and ensuring all items have correct lot tags before viewing commences)
• Saleroom set up and break down (taking lotted items up to sale room and assisting with setting up cabinets; setting up cabinets and providing labels for onsite and off-site Private Views; bringing items back down to store and organising them into sold, unsold and secondary sale groupings)
• Sale online (prepping database to ensure catalogue and database match and sale has correct images; getting the sale online on various different websites)
• Pre-sale and post-sale (sending out of pre-sale advice to vendors; sending out of post-sale advice to vendors; ensuring that the unsold sheet is accurately marked up; organising unsolds to secondary sale rooms)
• Condition reports (managing the spreadsheet for condition report and image requests; taking images and labelling them correctly; sending out condition reports and images)
• Sale day duties (assisting with clerking, live bidding consoles and spotting)
• Researching items for sale, when requested by specialists

Client Communication
• Responding to client calls and emails in a timely fashion (within 1/2 days of enquiry)
• Managing general enquiry emails (organising the enquiries in a suitable way; speaking with relevant specialists and discussing items for sale/to be recommended elsewhere; responding to the emails within a two week turnaround)
• First point of contact for department
• Reviewing and maintaining client records and communications requests
• Develop a working knowledge of top clients

Stock control
• Unpacking incoming goods, ensuring they are labelled and receipted correctly and keeping a record/check-list of what has come into L&T
• Inputting receipts for all members of the Department, ensuring signatures
• Making sure that incoming goods have values and speaking with valuers within the Department to ensure pieces are looked at in a timely fashion
• Creating and maintaining areas for ‘Incoming’, ‘Catalogued’ and ‘Outgoing’ items
• Clearing out of old stock (composing letters and sending recorded delivery, before reoffering or moving to secondary sale room)
• Organising transport for incoming and outgoing goods (speaking with clients and carriers when necessary to ensure that items are correctly uplifted and delivered)
• Overseeing and organising goods-getting campaigns (answering calls and enquiring as to items for valuation, arranging appointments, putting together a schedule for specialists)

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