D.R.A.W. Recruitment

Sales Assistant to Partners, Contemporary Art Gallery


Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Dependent on experience
Location: New York, USA
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

Our client, a renowned gallery in New York, is looking for a full-time Sales Assistant to support one of the gallery’s Partners. The ideal candidate will have previous related working experience in a contemporary art gallery. Strong organisational skills, the ability to carefully manage multiple projects and meet deadlines, a keen eye for detail, and a thorough working knowledge of Contemporary and Modern Art are required. This position involves significant contact with clients, artists, estate representatives and curators. Discretion, sound judgement, maturity, and confidence are essential. Superb written and oral communication skills as well as computer skills are required.

Primary duties include:


  • Prepare client collections for digital and printed sale offers
  • Prepare, log and send all offers to individual clients, art fairs collections, exhibition collections and digital inquiries
  • Initiate digital offers and follow up on all inquiries
  • Prepare all materials for client viewings
  • Assist Director with client viewings, walk-ins and potential client visits
  • Assist clients when Director is travelling
  • When necessary, travel with Director to support sales needs

Client Development

  • Search and update current client information
  • Help identify new possible clients and contact information
  • Partnering with Client Development Department, create and manage client lists for exhibitions, events, fairs and dinners
  • Update collection information for current client collections
  • Identify collections and/or inventory for consignment possibilities


  • Receive and process all possible consignments
  • Prepare and in-book all materials for secondary market team discussion
  • Prepare, send and track Consignment Agreements
  • Liaise with all departments for incoming consignment inventory
  • Manage consignment renewals and terminations

Artist and Estate Management

  • Serve as the main liaison between Partner and artist and/or artist estate
  • Receive all calls and emails, and prepare for all artist/estate meetings
  • Join and take notes during all artist/estate meetings
  • Fully understand the current, historical and archival work of each artist/estate
  • Manage inventory of each artist/estate
  • Liaise with other gallery staff regarding all aspects of artist/estate inventory management including production, condition, crating, shipping, framing, presentation, photography, research, and storage
  • Assist with all internal and external exhibition coordination for artist/estate