The art of the perfect fit

Senior Director, Contemporary Gallery

Posted: 12.05.2022
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Location: LA USA
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

Our client, an international gallery, is looking for a Senior Sales Director to set up and manage a gallery in LA.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Contributes to the elaboration of annual sales budgets. Responsible for managing and improving the quality of the sales team by developing the necessary technical, commercial competences, as well as interpersonal relationships. Responsible for encouraging individual talent with the ultimate goal of maximizing the team’s potential.
  • Responsible for the study, analysis and development of relationships that could identify new and potential artists to be represented by the Gallery. Responsible for periodically proposing a list of potential affiliations to submit to the Committee for the approval that is required.
  • Responsible for artist affiliation, with a view to the organization of an exhibition. Responsible, with the collaboration of other directly involved internal functions, for the development of the artist’s career through the planning of fairs, exhibitions and museums in order to promote the artist’s production and visibility.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining a qualified network of collectors able to sustain and absorb, from a commercial point of view, the production volume of artists who collaborate with the Gallery. Responsible for reporting on artists, collectors and events (fairs, exhibitions, museums).
  • Responsible for developing and sharing a network of useful contacts to nurture and support the commercial and non-commercial activities of the Gallery, in order to maintain a high qualitative level and the good name of the Gallery itself. Responsible for developing, inside and outside the Gallery, effective relationships to support the exchange and sales/purchase of products.

Person Specification:


  • Must have had 5/7 years’ experience in the sale/purchase of works of art for structured galleries. Strong and verifiable competence in commercial negotiation, with an important client portfolio.
  • Deep knowledge of contemporary art and the market.
  • Ability to manage and evaluate business planning of exhibitions and events.
  • Ability to directly manage resources.
  • Experience working with artists welcome.

Knowledge and Competencies:

  • Fluent spoken and written English.
  • Ability to manage and develop effective and multilevel relationships, with a marked propensity for active listening.
  • Organizational and analytical skills, with an innate sense of practicality, strongly oriented toward the objective.
  • Open to experimentation and learning, able to develop and exercise leadership, recognized on the basis of competences, as well as on inter-personal relationships.
  • Willing to debate, humble, but also able to be assertive and determined when necessary.