D.R.A.W. Recruitment

Senior Sales/Artists Administrator


Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: $ Negotiable
Location: New York USA
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

On behalf of our client, a blue chip contemporary gallery, we are looking for a senior sales and artists administrator.  The role will oversee the day to day support of the Sales Director’s primary & secondary sales and the implementation of client strategy.

You will also act as the Artist Administrator for a selected range of artists and support the Sales Director with Artist Liaison duties.

Client Development – Strategic Support

  • Assist and support the Director in maintaining excellent relationships with new and existing clients and support the development and implementation of his client strategy.
  • Undertake ad-hoc client research and systematically record information on company’s database.
  • Pro-actively search and suggest potential clients of interest ahead of the Director’s trip; debrief with the Director upon his return and update the system accordingly.
  • Stay abreast of the local and international exhibitions and selling events, updating the Director on events that may be of interest.

Primary Market – Sales Support

  • Collate and relay client lists for invites to forthcoming events.
  • Inform all relevant departments of sales made and provide them with invoicing instructions, credit notes, amendments to invoices, and any changes or special terms related to the sale.
  • Oversee the sending out of all written communication with clients, including artwork information packs, invoices and catalogue mail outs.
  • Liaise with Fabrication and Registrar departments on details of and progress with shipment, and keep clients informed of progress with delivery.
  • Liaise with the Finance department re-debtors to relay action plans and inform the Sales Director of current debtors.
  • Draft for Legal Department: letters of provenance, certificates of authentication and insurance valuations as requested.

Secondary Market – Sales Support

  • Manage high volume of secondary market sales from consigning to invoicing.
  • Liaise with the Legal and Finance departments and the Commercial Director following the company’s due diligence and procedures.
  • Create custom PDFs and source publications to introduce clients to new external artists with biography, artwork examples, CV etc.
  • Arrange condition checking, photography, viewings and local shipping as required.    

Artist Administration Duties

  • Act as the point of contact for internal enquiries related to your artists.
  • Review and undertake analysis of data provided in quarterly reports with Artist and Sales Liaisons e.g. sales activity, geographies etc.
  • Coordinate with Sales Liaison and/or Artist Manager annual price reviews ensuring the Inventory is updated and all changes are communicated to the relevant teams.
  • Manage the Inventory database ensuring the following are up to date: pricing, status, image, strategy, loans, consignments etc. and in line with studio records.
  • Maintain and manage interest/priority client lists for high demand artists and communicate the ordering and outcome regularly with the Sales team.
  • Manage and monitor physical stock held in managed sites and coordinate regular stock reviews and returns with Artist Liaison, Sales Liaison and Registrar.
  • Create and maintain internal sales reports detailing holds/sales/fabrication costs/exhibition costs when required.
  • Monitor sales given with additional discounts and flag concern where necessary.
  • Liaise with Registrar regarding consignment paperwork (internal and 3rd party) and transport of artworks from studio.
  • Communicate effectively with internal artist email groups regarding incoming work, returns, technical queries and other misc. information.
  • Produce accurate reports for sales reviews/historic sales requests from studios in line with company protocol when required.
  • Ensure iPad PDF and Art Binder content is reviewed and updated regularly.
  • Coordinate monthly meetings with Sales and Artist Liaisons.
  • Schedule annual artist review meeting for Sales and Artist Liaisons with the board of Directors.
  • Oversee creation of presentation materials for Sales and Artist Liaisons ahead of trips or meetings relating to your artists.
  • Liaise monthly with Accounts to review artist statements and flag any queries.
  • Field inventory stock queries e.g. old work/prices/availability of works.

Sales Artist Liaison support duties

  • Act as the point of contact for internal Sales related enquiries on behalf of and the absence of the Director.
  • Liaise with artist studios when required to confirm information relating to consignment, pricing and general artwork details.
  • Ensure image presentation material of artworks for select artists is accurate.
  • Ensure art fair presentation material is confirmed by the Director and relayed to the team.
  • Assist in communications regarding relevant artists’ third party consignments.
  • Oversee the creation of information packs regarding relevant artists’ forthcoming shows.
  • Arrange for gifts to be given for birthdays, holidays and visits.
  • Manage invoices for artist shares and provide insight to finance statements for the studio.
  • Assist in gala acknowledgements, artwork donations and auction activity.