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Senior Valuer – Associate Partner

Posted: 07.08.2023
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Negotiable + Car Available
Location: South East Coast UK
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

On behalf of one of the UK’s leading regional auction houses we are looking for a dynamic and ambitious General Valuer to join the business. This is a senior role which is expected to progress from Senior Valuer to Partner quickly.

As a Senior Valuer, your primary responsibility will be to manage existing clients and develop new business throughout the region. You will conduct accurate and thorough valuations of various items and collectibles through house visits, probate valuations and items that are brought to the auction house by clients and potential sellers. You will play a crucial role in determining the market value of these items and assist in the successful execution of auctions. This is a dynamic and exciting role that requires a keen eye for detail,  a forward thinking and modern approach to auctioneering, and a passion for art, antiques, and collectibles. have a good deal of autonomy and an opportunity to be part of the senior team. As part of your remit you will stay up to speed with industry trends and developments and understand how these impact the business. You will have the opportunity to discuss and implement new ideas and strategy .


  1. Business Development
  • Travelling throughout the region developing new business and looking after existing client relationships.
  • Build a network of contacts within the industry, including collectors, dealers, and other relevant professionals, to enhance the auction house’s reputation and attract potential clients.
  • Interact with clients, potential sellers, and auction house visitors to offer guidance on the valuation process and answer any related queries they may have.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and provide excellent customer service to build and retain positive relationships with clients


2.Valuation Expertise:

  • Conduct comprehensive valuations of a wide range of items, including but not limited to artwork, antiques, jewellery, vintage items, furniture, and other collectibles. Valuations will be in homes and over the counter.
  • Utilise your expertise and knowledge of market trends to accurately assess the value of each item and provide detailed appraisal reports.


3. Research and Analysis:

  • Stay updated with industry trends, sales records, and market fluctuations to provide the most up-to-date valuations.


4. Auction Support:

  • Collaborate with colleagues to determine suitable items for inclusion in the busy sale calendar auctions and advise on reserve prices and estimates.


5. Compliance and Ethics:

  • Ensure that all valuations and appraisal procedures adhere to industry standards, ethical guidelines, and legal requirements.
  • Handle confidential information with discretion and maintain the utmost integrity throughout the valuation process.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Art History, Fine Arts, or a related field is preferred, but relevant experience and expertise will also be considered.
  • Auctioneering experienced preferred but not essential
  • Proven experience in valuing a diverse range of items, within the auction house setting.
  • Entrepreneurial self-starter
  • In-depth knowledge of art, antiques, and collectibles, as well as an understanding of current market trends and values.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills with the ability to evaluate the authenticity and provenance of items.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to interact with clients and colleagues effectively.
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple valuations and deadlines simultaneously.
  • Proficiency in using valuation databases and relevant software tools.
  • Willingness to travel to client locations for on-site valuations.
  • The role is best suited to someone willing to live in the area a  company car can be made available.

This role  provides an exciting opportunity to work with diverse and valuable items, contribute to the growth of the business, and connect with a wide range of collectors and enthusiasts. The role demands a passion for art and collectibles, an entrepreneurial  mindset, and the ability to work collaboratively within a fast-paced auction environment.