The art of the perfect fit

Studio Director, Artist Studio

Posted: 16.11.2021
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Type: Permanent
Pay: Dependent on experience
Location: London, UK
Tenure: Permanent
Job description:

An internationally renowned artist is looking for a Studio Director, who can lead a large team to realise the artist’s ambition for their projects, the direction of the organisation, and the development of the work.

The Studio Director’s leadership is responsible for delivering world-class projects and exhibitions in the UK and internationally, overseeing the organisation as a whole and implementing the strategy necessary to manage and develop the studio’s gallery relationships. The Studio Director is a public facing role expected to liaise at the highest level whilst also fostering a culture of collaboration and creative development within the studio team. The Studio Director will welcome significant visitors to the studio and represent the studio at openings and events.

Duties and Responsibilities:


The Studio Director is responsible for evolving the studio’s short-, medium-, and long-term strategy with the artist to materialise artistic vision and shape their legacy.

Museum Exhibitions and Public Commissions

The Studio Director, working closely with the Exhibitions Manager, assesses opportunities, selects the most promising and provides oversight of the project teams, headed by the Exhibitions Manager and Project Managers.

This involves:

  • Liaising with Museum directors, curators and commissioning bodies
  • Ensuring each successful proposal sits within the studio’s overall aims
  • Appointing project teams and providing strategic support to Project Managers
  • Negotiating funding opportunities where necessary
  • Developing project contracts in liaison with external legal support
  • Conducting project debriefs, with the aim of improving studio systems and processes


  • Planning to ensure coordination across all studio sites and teams
  • Directing the communication of timelines, responsibilities, and aims effectively between the artist and their teams (both workshop and administrative)
  • Devising and developing other significant initiatives e.g. capital projects, I.T. projects, archive development and website redevelopment
  • The recruitment of staff where required
  • Ensuring the efficient, effective and legally compliant operation of the studio
  • Directing the studio’s environmental policy
  • Evolving partnerships that allow the studio to materially innovate the development of sculpture


The Studio Director is the studio’s voice when communicating with our commercial gallery directors. They guide the relationship with the galleries and are responsible for understanding the wider market activity of the artist’s work. They will be supported by the Gallery and Communications Coordinator in developing gallery strategy, relationships and sales which includes:

  • Deciding how the diversity of the studio’s work is best represented by and between galleries
  • Working with the artist to evolve terms of business with galleries as necessary
  • Understanding primary and secondary market activity and adapting commercial strategies for stability
  • Directing the allocation of works between galleries


The Studio Director oversees the work, remuneration, and contractual conditions of all staff.