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Seeking General Valuers for the Auction world!

Posted by Emma Restall in Business · July 2021

I do not think I can remember a time when there were so many vacancies for Auctioneers and General Valuers for auction houses throughout the UK! It seems that the post-pandemic pent up demand for antiques and collectables is driving a very busy recruitment market. So where will all these General Valuers come from? This is the million-dollar question, and it has certainly been keeping us busy here at DRAW.

This week we have been talking to clients about their plans to address the labour shortage in the long term and we have heard some really interesting ideas. Some clients have put in place more formalised training plans and are bringing young people through the traditional route of starting as a porter, where many of our auction house clients started their own careers. Another auction house is looking into apprenticeships and how this could work within their organisation, we will be watching the space on this. These are all great ideas to encourage less experienced candidates into auction house positions. In the meantime re-organising to make the best use of the resources available seems to be a common consensus, alongside looking at strategies for retention and development of existing staff.

Do you work in the auction world? We would be interested to hear your thoughts on how companies are adapting in this time. Equally if you are a General Valuer / Auctioneer looking for a change we would love to hear from you. Contact to find out about our current opportunities.


Notes from DRAW · 01.07.2021

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