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Working in the Arts: Bridget Rambeau

Posted by Emma Restall in Interviews · November 2022

This month’s Working in the Arts segment is US focussed as we chat to Bridget Rambeau who works at Hauser & Wirth in LA.

So, where do you work?

Hauser & Wirth, at the Los Angeles gallery.

And what is your job title?


What time did you wake up and what are you usual working hours?

I am a morning person with a dog who has a particular routine, so it’s anywhere from 5:30-6:30. My schedule can vary as we have locations that span many time zones, but usually between 9:30-18:00.

What are your key tasks?

As a registrar, my main focus is to make sure the artwork is being handled safely and it’s current location is known. My day to day is filled with tracking shipments for pre-sale, post-sale and exhibitions. Additionally, I oversee storage tracking, condition reports and work with artists teams in Los Angeles for internal and external shows (museums, gallery shows, fairs, etc).

What was your career path to this role?

I received my undergraduate and graduate degree in Art History, so I’ve always known I wanted to be around art. I worked at a small auction house that gave me my first taste into the art world. Since it was a smaller one, I was able to learn all aspects of the process for which I am very grateful. From there I worked at a Fine Art Services firm where I got to learn about handling, logistics, storage and my first real experience with customer service. I was able to make great connections within the logistics world all over as I gained a great understanding on how to move artwork around the world safely which lead me straight to Hauser & Wirth.

What are the best and worst things about your job?

I think the best is that I get to see all kinds of art on any given day. I am also into puzzles so if there is ever a problem, I like to try and solve it the most creative way possible.

The the worst is sometimes I do not get enough time to explore other galleries and museum shows as best as I can without thinking “how did that get in here” or I wonder how long it took to hang that. It’s sometimes hard to turn off the registrar mode!

What careers advice would you give to your 18 year old self with the benefit of hindsight?

Do not limit yourself to just one thing. Explore as much as you can in every type of field and medium in order to find what you like the best. As all artists know, the art world is trial and error and constantly reinventing yourself. Limiting yourself to just one type of job or art can hinder your ability to truly find what you are really passionate about. I studied classical antiquities and had no knowledge of Contemporary art, look at me now at one of the largest contemporary galleries in the world!

Have you had a secret job that is not on your CV?

Haven’t we all? While I just moved back from school, I worked as a traveling art teacher for a few months. It was pretty fun putting together some lesson plans and getting the kids excited about art. I only learned about Shabti Dolls in my grad school, but I was able to have kids learn about these Egyptian worker bees of the afterlife. Hopefully inspired a few out there to pursue the art world!

Thank you to Bridget for taking the time to talk to us and look out for future insights into the art world.



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