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Reviewing Major Players recent report – UK Creative Industries Census 2023

Posted by Emma Restall in News · January 2024

Sandy, our Administrator here at DRAW has taken a look at Major Players recent report in the UK Creative Industries and shares some of her thoughts:

Major Players, an agency working across all creative industries in all forms, recently released their annual report, UK Creative Industries Census 2023, examining salaries and day rates across all creative industries. While the report rewards close reading, here I’ve pulled out some of the key take homes pertinent to DRAW’s clients and candidates. 

  • A recurring theme is that candidates are considering flexibility in the workplace as a top priority when job seeking. Given that renumeration across the industry has not kept up with inflation, even as many companies are requiring greater physical presence from their staff, job seeking candidates view flexibility and generous annual leave as crucial when making decisions about where to work next. 
  • On similar lines, clear progression paths are important to candidates when looking to start a new job in terms of employment longevity and low turnover.  
  • The wage gap for various marginalised groups is slowly decreasing, but more can always be done to improve – notably with skills based assessment. Many candidates surveyed expressed robust progressive employment policies and ESG measures to be important to them when looking to make a career move. DRAW Recruitment are committed to increasing diversity and eliminating bias in hiring practices, and adhere to our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and continually undertake training in this area. 
  • As technology and FinTechs become more embedded in the practice of business, and digital marketplaces continue to rise in importance, marketing and tech roles are becoming more closely aligned, and often are housed in hybrid departments. Candidates looking for marketing or tech roles should consider how well they can fit into such a hybrid roles. 
  • Specialist executive search provide agility and expertise, and this carries through all levels of business when recruiting. For high level roles, turning to an agency with field specific specialist and expert knowledge of the industry is the best way to find the correct candidate in good time. DRAW is exactly such a specialist, with a wide network and expertise across the art industry. 

Find the full report here!

Notes from DRAW · 18.01.2024

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